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Carlson RTk5 Powered by Gama

Carlson RTk5 EU model

Powered by Carlson Gama RTK

p/n: 8020.010.004 1 RTK5 - EU model 

p/n: 6607.003.001 1 SurvPC GPS Only 7.xx [Does not Requires SurvPC Basic (TS)
p/n: 8020.016.013 1 RTK5 Foldable Helix Antenna
p/n: 8020.016.014 1 RTK5 Survey Grade Antenna
p/n: 8020.056.004 1 RT5/RTK5 Complete Pole Mount
p/n: 8020.028.001 1 RTk5 Carbon Fiber GPS Pole 
p/n: 8020.080.001 1 RT5/RTk5 Carrying Case

Carlson RTk5 EU model

SKU: 6001.122.002
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